1. Be Here

From the recording Hypothesis for Happiness


Mmm it's been a long day
Don't expect too much, there's nothing left to say
Ooo you know mistakes were made
It's not easy for anyone
So while you're filled with guilt
Will you be here
Will you be here

Oh I don't want you to beat yourself up
But I can not say you didn't hurt me
I realise that you can't be kind to yourself this time
But neither can I
I am still angry and confused
But I'll be here for you
Does that mean anything to you

Yes when I open up the gateway
Boy it ain't pretty, what I have to say
You're not gonna like it
You might try to fight it
But I'll still be here
I'll still be here

Yes when I give you everything
Baby I can't tell you, you won't feel a thing
It's not gonna be easy, it might take some time
But I still have faith, in you and I
So do not give up on me, and do not be shy

And can you
Try to take care of me
Try to be there for me
Like I'll be there for you
I'll cry out if you need me too
We can make the pieces fit
Please don't you try to quit
Cause you are worth it, you deserve it
We are worth it, we deserve it