Abby Fuller's debut EP, 'Hypothesis for Happiness', was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee in December 2019. It is a collection of songs she has written over the course of her career, handpicked by Nashville music producer Sam Hawksley. Sam and Abby worked together to realise and finesse the songs to create the coherent listening experience they are today. The EP is a singer-songwriter release with soul and jazz influences. It holds a special place in Abby’s heart as it is dedicated to her late family friend, musician Glen Hannah.

Credits and Thank You's

- Sam Hawksley for being my producer and for making this all happen!

- The Band: Marcus Finnie on drums, Ryan Connors on keys, Sam Hawksley on guitar and Brad Fuller on bass. You guys were incredible to work with

- Josh Reynolds for engineering, mixing and mastering (and doing an awesome job of it)

- Wes Little for letting us record in his epic studio 'Coop De Ville'

- Brandon Vestal for capturing the studio day on video

- Chris Autrey for sourcing a bass suitable for 'Rebel'

- Mum and Dad for being my cheer squad 

- Jordan Huuk for designing the EP cover for me

- Bora You for being the best photographer for a first timer

- Nathalie Carey for making me look good!

- Felicity Urquhart for being my inspiration


In Loving Memory of Glen Hannah